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Artist Bezawit donated 100,000 birr for the national blood bank

Ethiopian craftsman Bezawit Mesfin gave 100,000 birrs for the public blood donation center. The Ethiopian National Blood Bank gathers almost 200,000 units of blood from contributors every year, which is a likeness 200,000 pints/94,000 liters. The nation requires 18,000 units of blood (18,000 pints/8,460 liters) every day, yet the normal day-by-day sum gathered is around 1,100 units (1,100 pints/517 liters) – a setback of 16,900 pints/7943 liters.

It is against this foundation that Abraham Ayalew, Benjamin Mirichi, Meron Gebreegziabher, and Ermiyas Kostre – four staff individuals from the UNODC Program Office in Ethiopia-gave four units of blood at the Ethiopia National Blood Bank Service central command in Addis Ababa. With every unit of blood gave having the option to be isolated into three essential parts (red platelets, plasma, and platelets), conceivably setting aside to three lives, the 4 pints/1.88 liters gift by Abraham, Benjamin, Meron, and Ermiyas can possibly uphold the treatment of up to 12 patients needing blood.

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