Artist Biruktawit has gave birth to her second child

Congratulations on the arrival of your second baby! This is such wonderful news, and I’m thrilled to share in your joy and excitement. Wishing you and your growing family all the love, happiness, and blessings that come with this new addition. May this special time be filled with precious moments and cherished memories. Congratulations again and best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

  1. Unconditional love: Love your child unconditionally, letting them know that you care about them no matter what. Show affection and provide emotional support to create a strong bond.
  2. Be present and attentive: Spend quality time with your child, engaging in activities together, and actively listening to them. Being present in their lives helps them feel valued and understood.
  3. Set boundaries and be consistent: Establish clear rules and boundaries for your child’s behavior, and be consistent in enforcing them. This provides stability and helps children understand expectations.
  4. Be a positive role model: Children often imitate their parents’ behaviors. Demonstrate the qualities and values you want your child to adopt, such as kindness, honesty, and respect.
  5. Practice effective communication: Encourage open communication with your child, where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Be a good listener and respond with empathy and understanding.

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