Artist Bisrat Gemechu celebrate her daughter’s birthday

Artist Nigist Fikire’s birthday celebration. They eventually decided to break their friendship because they no longer shared the same feelings for each other. Now that they’ve been given this opportunity, they’ll be able to sit together again for this special occasion presentation. Lips are more vulnerable to injury than other parts of the body. As a result, you’ll need substances that aren’t found in a traditional body scrub. Although there will be some cross-pollination, the majority of the ingredients will be finer. As a lip exfoliator, you can use sugar, cinnamon, or even coffee grounds. Unless otherwise noted, the directions for all of these lip scrubs are the same. The finished item must be stored in an airtight container. A letter of gratitude was handed to MIDROC Investment Group on behalf of the city and its residents. According to Jamal Ahmed, CEO of MIDROC Investment Group, six Bacillus anthracis bulls have been transported to Hope Light Feeding Centers in the six suburban zones. 2,000 people are no longer hungry thanks to the Amudi Hope Light Food Center. A New Year’s Eve feast is being planned at other Tesfaberhan cookery centers. The festival is a “incredible full development,” according to Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe, who describes it as “an incredible full development where young females reserve the opportunity to communicate and consider their privileges and interests in the benefits of sisterhood, solidarity, and fortitude.”

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