Artist Dagmawit Tsehaye “If you have self confidence you will get respect….”

Worthiness is a significant concept. Some of us gauge our value based on the contents of our savings and checking accounts, the health of our families, the dynamics of our relationships with friends and partners, and the degree to which we are appreciated at work. Additionally, it is intrinsically linked to that other important word: respect. Are you being treated with the respect you deserve? Are you making excuses for yourself or sending yourself mixed messages? Respect for ourselves and others affects every aspect of our lives, from asking for a (long overdue) raise to getting a partner to step up and carry their share of the household load. Male or female, everyone uses a variety of management techniques. Niki Hall, the chief marketing officer of Selligent, also asserts that women tend to be more accommodative than male managers, despite the fact that this is not a generalization that applies to all women leaders. Without even realizing it, a woman might offer to be flexible during lengthy discussions or take extra time to talk to a disgruntled coworker. Hall advises women to be aware of when empathy is appropriate and when we are being taken advantage of, despite the fact that it is a crucial and frequently underappreciated soft skill. Consider your position carefully before giving up on a conversation or apologizing when it is not necessary to do so. Is this the right time to be adamant? If so, maintain your composure and let the conversation go on. Again, regardless of gender, just because the other person isn’t giving in doesn’t mean you should. Standing your ground shows that you value your worth and your seat at the table.

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