Artist Debesh Temesigen and Alemtsehay Bekele got an award

By expressing gratitude to your staff, you can improve ties at work. Regularly expressing your gratitude can have a beneficial impact on the atmosphere in the entire office. Reviewing a list of possible messages might be beneficial because different messages of gratitude may be appropriate for a number of situations. Your assistance with this project has been extremely beneficial. I appreciate all of your effort. I am really fortunate to work with you since you can contribute original thinking and a new viewpoint to the project. I appreciate your careful work on this project. Without you, we could not have succeeded. With your dedication and innovative ideas, you have improved our project. I appreciate your contributions. I am very grateful for all of your time and work on this project. I value your viewpoint on this project. You are largely responsible for this project’s success. Regarding our most recent endeavor, I appreciate your suggestions and support. Without you, I could not have accomplished what I did. With your diligent work, you have made this project feasible. Your excellent work always leaves me speechless, and this time is no different. I want to thank you for taking the time and making the extra effort to complete this job.

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