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Artist Esayas Tamrat interview and live performance

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Meeting with Balageru symbol hopeful and Artist Esayas Tamrat. Craftsman Esayas said ” The first family collection was made” The Director called attention to that including Addis Ababa University (AAU), perhaps the most established organization in the country, there are various assistance giving government instincts, for example, manufacturing plants and clinics that discard their sewerage and different squanders in local locations. The Director noticed that in spite of being habitual perpetrators, the idea of administrations the foundations give makes it hard to it to take legitimate measures, for example, shutting them down or suspending them briefly until they redress their offenses.

“It is difficult to close a University while a huge number of understudies are conceded to go to various projects, and it is likewise difficult to shut down emergency clinics while patients are conceded to get clinical treatment; the solitary thing the commission can do is compose an admonition letter to the foundations,” said Lemessa. The commission likewise seriously reprimanded the commotion and air contamination at Shegole Open Livestock Market that is stressing the existences of inhabitants around there.

“We have demonstrated that the greater part of the kids living in the space are survivors of upper respiratory issues brought about by the domesticated animals exchange the territory,” Lemessa said. Despite the fact that the law specifies that a domesticated animals market should be based on the edges of the city on a 20,000sq.m territory, the Shegole market is situated inside the city and lays just on a 5,000 sq. m territory that is encircled by numerous occupants. Notwithstanding the commission’s different endeavors to take measures available, whined the Director, the mediation from the city’s exchange authority has made the matter testing.

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