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Artist Eyob speak about his Love Life

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The assemblies come in the midst of reports that Tigray rebels are making invasions into Amhara-involved spaces of Tigray, just as into the Afar area, which borders Tigray to its east.

Tigrayan warriors crossed into Afar on Saturday and Afar powers and associated state armies were all the while engaging them on Monday, Afar representative Ahmed Koloyta revealed to Reuters news office.

US-based Ethiopia investigator Yohannes Woldemariam disclosed to DW that Afar was “extremely vital in light of the fact that the street and the rail route [linking the capital, Addis Ababa] to Djibouti go through there.

“So on the off chance that the TPLF figure out how to remove the railroad, the focal government would not approach the seaport,” Woldemariam said.

Various gatherings battling together

Melisew Dejene, a scholarly at Ethiopia’s Hawassa University, revealed to DW that he wasn’t astounded “to see various powers from various locales meet up to safeguard the public interest.”

“The TPLF was marked a psychological oppressor bunch in a new Cabinet declaration, and presently it has become a danger for the country,” he said in a phone meet from the Sidama area.

Dejene sees the help by the different locales for Abiy’s soldiers as a “positive sign” that “individuals are meeting up under one banner to guard their country, Ethiopia.”

The Horn of Africa country, with a populace of nearly 110 million, has in excess of 80 unmistakable ethnic gatherings.

Ordinary powers from Amhara — a huge locale adjoining the south of Tigray — have been battling close by government troops since the time Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed dispatched the tactical hostile in Tigray last November.

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