Artist Genet and her kids discussing their new big house

Regardless of how eager you are to move into your new home, the first few weeks there will definitely feel strange and unfamiliar. The “new-house feeling” will dissipate when you celebrate a birthday, start a garden, or decorate for the holidays, but it takes a lot of endurance to wait for a milestone. I think you should start living nicely as soon as you move in.” The communal areas are usually the first to be unpacked, but I concentrate on my closet because Mondays are difficult enough without having to look for your favorite sweater.” My son is an avid collector of pre-owned items, and he especially adores his sizable collection of snow globes.” I always bring the box of globes with us by hand and tell the movers to start with his room. Even though the rest of the home is in disarray, he will spend the afternoon unpacking his collections and that is all that matters. Every piece of art I’ve collected over the years to take with me when I travel is precious to me since it conjures up a particular moment and place.” I immediately unpack each piece and prop it up against nightstands, sideboards, and walls so I can still appreciate it until I decide where to install everything. Bob, my husband, consistently manages to misplace his keys and wallet in the same places. I made a place for everyone to leave their bags, coats, and keys as soon as we moved in. Because they are effective for us, I even employed the same hooks and containers that we did in Manhattan. You shouldn’t have to alter your schedule because of where you are. I put on my favorite music and light candles for instant warmth.

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