Artist Jemanesh gave us a tour of her house

Discovering your life’s purpose may seem like a nice-to-have, but it’s actually more crucial than you might realize. A meaningful life is associated with improved mental and physical well-being.Chronic disease risk is also decreased by it. Even longer lifespans have been linked to it, according to numerous research. Feeling a part of others is what gives one a sense of purpose. While loneliness and solitude can lead to an existential crisis, using your abilities to serve others might help you discover your true purpose. It’s likely that as you go through life, your mission will shift. Maintaining your sense of purpose can be facilitated by ongoing development and advancement. You can find balance in your life and learn to manage stress by creating a personal vision statement. By determining what matters to you and your fundamental beliefs, it also acts as a road map to help you reach your mission. A purpose statement helps you stay motivated as you work toward your own goals and facilitates decision-making that is consistent with your values. Prosociality, or giving back, is a psychological concept that can improve your sense of life’s meaning and purpose. It follows that helping others benefits you personally as well. Seek opportunities to help others. You could want to give your time or money to a cause that matters to you, or you might want to volunteer in your neighborhood.

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