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Artist kalkidan, Chernet and Tsinat singing orthodox songs

Traditional songs performed by the artists Kalkidan, Chernet, and Tsinat. Everyone has a spiritual side. Your spirituality includes anything that stirs or allows you to express your spirit or inner energy. Your spirituality is, in some ways, reflected in every facet of your private and public life. It is intrinsic to who you are and is expressed in each and every thought, sensation, and deed. There are numerous ways to define spirituality. Any of these can be useful in comprehending this crucial yet enigmatic aspect of life. Our individual, familial, and cultural experiences have an impact on how we display our spirituality. Some people use religion as a tool to display their spirituality. This typically incorporates terms, notions, and symbols from religion. People uphold their religious beliefs through engaging in personal rituals and communal celebrations. In trying circumstances, religious people frequently look to their faith and community for solace and support. There are many nonreligious ways to express spirituality. Some examples of how people might nourish their spirits are as follows: expressing themselves creatively or artistically (such as through woodworking or sewing, writing poetry or music, painting or sculpting), appreciating visual or performing arts (such as attending a concert, visiting an art gallery, or going to the movies), reading books and having conversations about the meaning of life, and paying attention to the world around them.

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