Artist Kalkidan was surprised for her birthday

Now it’s time for some fantastic surprise ideas. You will now examine some unusual surprise concepts that you might not have heard of previously. This concept was recently presented in one of my publications. You can offer it to someone who lives far away as the ideal birthday surprise. For instance, you might not be able to visit your friend for the surprise birthday celebration since they live in another state or country. In such case, I have a fantastic suggestion for you. It will be the wishes of the group of individuals, as you may infer from the title. It is, indeed. So allow me to describe it in more detail. I’ll give you an example to help you understand. Let’s say you want to surprise a friend who attended a university in New York. You will get in touch with all of his or her close acquaintances, family members, and relatives. You request that they record a 15–30 second video expressing their wishes. Once you have all of those videos, combine them into a single video for presentation. Just picture your friend’s astonishment when they all appear in a single video wishing him a happy birthday. In the same manner, this straightforward concept allows you to surprise whomever you choose.

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