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Artist Mekdes about the photo of Taitu, which she won for 275,000 birr

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Artist Mekdes Tsegaye discusses the photograph sale of Taitu, which she won for 275,000 birrs. Taytu Betul spouse of Menelik (King of Shoa and later Negus Negast or King of Kings), was a considerable sovereign and ruler of Ethiopia.

She utilized her remarkable insight to fortify and broaden her force through a competent mix of support, political relationships, and initiative art.

Resolved to oppose colonialist plans on her country, she progressively contradicted any exchanges that would bring about the deficiency of Ethiopian domain. At the point when tact offered approach to war, she braved at the top of her own military, at her better half’s side.

It was she who conceived the arrangement which prompted the Ethiopian triumph at Makalle, and her quality was urgent in the Ethiopian triumph at Adwa in 1896, the main triumph of any African armed force during the peak of European expansionism.

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