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Artist Mekdes Tsegaye with artist Kidist G/selase Yelib Weg part 2

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Entertainer Mekdes Tsegaye and Actress Kidest Gebresellassie on Yeleb web’s first scene for Ethiopian new year. section two. A triple line can’t be effectively broken, consequently, stay United, talk in one voice and be in one accord, the force of the Holy Spirit will stream in your family and in the congregation to the greatness of our God. The assemblage of Christ is encountering such a lot of struggle and conflicts in these cutting edge times due to the clear absence of the dread of God in individuals, kids, young people, to be sure, the family framework, and subsequently, the congregation. 

Profoundly associating with God additionally assists you with creating temperances that are fundamental for a glad marriage that endures forever. At the point when you absorb yourself God’s quality consistently, the more you will be dependable, unwavering, adoring, and pardoning to your mate. Unfaithfulness is uncontrolled these days and it is obviously crafted by the abhorrent and human’s egotistical cravings of the tissue. 

We are in an age where sin is depicted as workmanship, an age that looks for transient joy as opposed to everlasting delight. It is likewise through supplication and profound closeness with God that Brendan and I had the option to team up on a task. Before we experienced passionate feelings for one another, we composed together a book named, “Worth the Chase: Finding Love God’s Way.” 

It centers around different themes like confidence, Godly dating, repairing a wrecked heart, pursuing undeniable dreams, the magnificence of purity, the force of pardoning, holding up with God, delight amidst torment, and all-out give up to God’s lovely and heavenly designs for our lives.

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