Artist Mewided Kibru on EBS tea time

Given that today is National Tea Day, you ought to. However, tea is a delightful beverage that may be served hot or iced regardless of the day or the time of year. Studies have shown that drinking tea can help protect your teeth, heart, and possibly even help prevent cancer. At the very least, it’s a tasty method to ensure that you get enough fluids each day. Antioxidants are found in tea. Antioxidants function to stop the body’s equivalent of rust, which keeps us youthful and guards against pollution-related harm. Compared to coffee, tea has less caffeine. Traditional teas include less than 50% of the caffeine commonly found in coffee, whereas herbal tea mixes contain none. Nutritionists interpret this to suggest that you can consume it without experiencing a significant impact on your neurological system. According to a recent study, people who drink one to three cups of green tea each day have a nearly 20% lower risk of heart attack and a 35% lower risk of stroke. Studies have revealed that an effect has dependent on consumption of huge volumes of tea, frequently in pill form, even though the evidence on this isn’t as solid. Recent animal research have revealed that green tea may stop bone deterioration. According to Japanese experts, drinking tea alters the pH in your mouth, which may help to prevent cavities and reduce tooth loss. Teeth enamel doesn’t seem to be eroded by tea. There have been a variety of studies on this, and more are being done. However, upping your tea intake might be beneficial if you want to do everything you can to prevent cancer and you have a strong family history of the disease.

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