Artist Mulualem and Meskerem singing “Tew eko”

You might have questioned how to become a singer if you’ve ever fantasised about writing your own songs and playing them in front of an audience. Some people think that if you’re not a natural, you can’t develop this gift. Singing is, after all, one of the most in-demand musical abilities. But is it truly impossible to learn how to sing? Obviously not. You can get better at singing through practise and perseverance, just like you can with any other musical ability. Any skilled vocalist would admit that it took a lot of time and work to hone their own abilities. But where should you begin and what deserves your time? What can you anticipate after you make the decision? Let’s start by dispelling the largest misconception about singing, which is that you don’t need to have innate musical talent to be a vocalist. In contemporary songs, the vocalist is frequently portrayed as the star of the show. But in truth, practically every music you hear is the result of dozens of skilled individuals working together on various production-related tasks. The performer undoubtedly contributed their talent to the mix, but a lot of work was put in behind the scenes to produce the polished sound. The end result is an exaggerated perception of what it means to sing in a musical environment. Singing was a common activity for practically everyone a century ago.

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