Artist Mulunesh and Ato Mesfin Kebede on EBS Sunday

Start working on a monologue or, even better, a scene with a friend. Simply do it because you love it rather than for a new showreel or to work on your accent. Find a piece of writing that inspires you and fuels your passion. Everyday, learn something new, and take pleasure in the process. We work hard at this challenging job because we truly love it. So pursue your passions. I urged you earlier to take in more excellent movies and plays. Reading is also very crucial for performers, though. Reading Death of a Salesman or Long Day’s Journey into Night when I was first starting out as an actor made me feel absolutely overwhelmed by their genius. Choose a play this week from from the hundreds still available to read! You don’t have to stick to plays; read poetry, books, non-fiction, and anything else that inspires your imagination. Rumor-seeking is a drug. I see it among actors all too frequently, which is why I published a piece about quitting rumors. Meeting cynical actors for coffee every week is the fastest way to lose your passion for acting. when they didn’t “deserve” it, discussing who landed this job or who got this agency. It transforms performing into a contest or a race. It eliminates the passion for the profession and the enjoyment of performing in favor of comparison, jealously, and hatred. Find your way back to that optimistic and motivating mindset for both yourself and others. Acting wasn’t any of those things when we initially fell in love with it. The coolest cat in town, the working actor, hasn’t lost his or her innocent enthusiasm for acting, I swear. The passion may not be immediately apparent, but if you look closely enough, you can see it. Please look for it. Never give up. Keep having fun.

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