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Artist Nigisti and Abyot

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More than 2.6 million birrs seized in a solitary business! The electronic system is an execution of the organization of guns and the decree of control that the organization upheld to control the treatment of illegal arms and related activities.

Talking in a capacity willing to notice “African Amnesty Month” Today, Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamil said that the processed firearm and the controlling casing will help control the illicit progression of weapons in the country by enrolling the constant number of the Weapons in an examining. structure.

“Through this high-level enrollment and perception structure, we will be prepared to know the particular number of genuine weapons that are being utilized in the country to viably perceive illicit weapons,” including it. As shown, digitizing the weapons that notice and control the system, it is critical to modernizing the overall congruity and security of security in the country.

The utilization of energy to keep up congruity is the lone commitment of the organization, he said, including that the council will ensure the amicability and security of the country by shielding the organization of guns and controlling announcements.

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