Artist Sehar Abdulkerim and her family pictures

In life, there are a lot of significant things. All of these things—learning, growing, loving, and exploring—should be prioritized by each individual. Another item that everyone should make time for is a celebration. Life is made more exciting and enjoyable by celebration. Numerous formal or informal events call for celebrations. Most people have probably attended a party in someone’s honor for their birthday, wedding, or new baby. Humanity has a deep-seated desire to enjoy the good things in life. We enjoy nice Christmas, Fourth of July, and other unique holiday and family tradition events. However, the celebration need not be limited to the greatest occasions or festivals of the year. We all need things to look forward to because the majority of our days are spent doing menial duties like working or cleaning our homes. We get the thrill to keep going through the days that seem pointless through celebrations of all types. Have you ever thought that life was a bit too predictable? By the time the following holiday or birthday party rolled around, I’m sure you were appreciative of the change of pace. In the midst of our hectic and frantic life, celebration helps us to rest and decompress. We use holidays as an opportunity to get together with the people who matter the most to us: our friends and family. We take pleasure in festivities because they help us remember the things that are genuinely important in life. As we celebrate, we put life’s pressures behind us and spend time with the people we care about doing the activities we enjoy. A big celebration has a way of bringing our attention back to the importance of our closest connections and the reason for our existence.

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