Artist Sehar Abdulkerim became a mom

The most beautiful stage of a woman’s life, in my opinion, is when she becomes a mother. Anyone can be, but it takes someone special to take on the position of mother. Everyone has their own style of mothering. I admire mothers who always prioritize their children. Everything changes when a woman becomes pregnant. Her hormones, appearance/figure, cravings, and, most importantly, her lifestyle. Taking care of and feeding two children in 9 months is not easy. But the most thrilling aspect is that every time you feel your baby’s heartbeat and kicks, we can’t help but grin and thank God for trusting you with a little angel. Being a mother transforms a woman into a wonderwoman. We are capable of multitasking. What’s more, guess what? When you become a mother, you become a nurse when the infant is sick, a cook for their meals, and a nanny. Haha, I suppose so. There is no time off, no sick leave, and no resignation is permitted. But everything is compensated for with cuddles, wonderful hugs and kisses, and a child’s pure love, which is completely priceless. Bearing a child inside your womb does not always define a woman as a mother; in other cases, it is not just through blood. Being a mother comes from the heart, and unconditionally caring for and loving a child is what matters most.

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