Artist Serawit Fikre and his wife Roman on EBS

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn the formula for a long-lasting and happy marriage, especially from couples who are already happily married and have mastered the art of maintaining a great relationship? We share 21 secrets to a happy marriage that will help you handle marital problems, diffuse arguments with your partner, and build and sustain a happy union. Every marriage has its ups and downs, regardless of whether the couple considers themselves to be “old Ball ‘n’ Chain” or just newlyweds. Although it may sound cliche, the ups and downs of married life naturally include lulls and patterns of tedium. The training includes times of tension, dullness, and poor communication. Marriage does need work, and as with anything in life, you must put in the effort to see the benefits. But maintaining a marriage is not like taking out the trash and cleaning the bathroom. Although marriage is a union of two spirits, each couple has their own definition of what makes a successful marriage. The concept of a successful marriage is ambiguous. Here are some examples of typical definitions of a successful marriage, though. Some people believe that having a good wife is essential to a happy marriage. For some people, a successful marriage requires a moral woman who will protect and support her husband no matter what. Some people think that a marriage unites a couple with their family. They feel that they have a responsibility to raise morally upright children as members of society. They see it as the mark of a successful marriage if they can raise their kids well, which, in their eyes, will result in better citizens for society. Some people think that effective communication and companionship are essential components of a happy marriage. These people firmly believe that an effective marriage results from open communication and the disclosure of all personal information.

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