Artist Serawit Fikre with his wife and children

Serawit Fikre, an artist, with his wife and kids. Are you really better inside after having kids? Or your current state of unhappiness has you thinking of leaving your wife and kids? Think about this Studies indicate that if you go, your unhappiness will grow. Bloom where you are planted is the only way to improve your life. Maybe if we prioritize the happiness of our family over our own, we will ultimately live happier lives. Here’s how a family man can achieve happiness. Consider the moment you leave your job site as the moment you put family before work. When at home, spend more time discussing your family and less time discussing your job. We reduce our stress levels by scheduling time for exercise, which prevents us from taking our frustrations out on our families. You can improve both intellectually and physically by exercising for thirty minutes each day. Recognize the love language of each family member and use it. Varying family members require different amounts of love to be filled in them. Establish which language each member speaks before using it. The words of praise, physical contact, gifts, acts of service, and quality time are the languages. Families thrive when everyone’s “banks” are full. Every week, engage in exciting activities with your partner. This is the relationship that matters most to you. Making time to do something enjoyable with your wife is a really smart investment. Each week or month, engage in exciting activities with each of your children. Try to do something enjoyable with your kids once a week to avoid conflict with them. Your relationship with them will improve with only just one action. Plan yearly family trips. Plan regular family get-aways by sitting down and discussing where and what you want to do. Everyone in the family should contribute.

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