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Artist Siyoum got a house as a gift

Seniors can contribute their lifetime of experience. They belong to a generation that lived through the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the Great Recession, and the Great Depression. We must remember and respect our elders since they have had a significant impact on our society, both historically and currently, and have much to teach us about adapting to change and overcoming adversity. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that our elders have a wealth of knowledge to share, even if their hearing or memory aren’t what they once were. Reading about Pearl Harbor is one thing, but hearing about it from a first-hand observer is more fascinating. Some of society’s brightest people are the elderly. It is sad to consider that an elderly person with decades of experience would go unconsulted. Seeking advice from an older is a good use of your time because seniors have a lot to offer society through their life experiences. You two will value the sentiment.
A personal method of conveying your concern is through phone calls.
Family stories have an unmistakable strength. Actually, compiling an oral family history can teach about family genetics, personalities, and more, as well as unite family members and strengthen links between generations. Because they have a better sense of their origins and identity, children who are more aware of their family history also tend to exhibit more emotional resilience, as well as being able to deal with difficulties and stress in more effective ways.

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