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Artist Tamagne Beyene on Seifu show

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Meeting with artist and common liberties advocate Tamagne Beyene. As per Habtamu, there are no normalized public pay rules set by law. This gives space for these casual advisory groups to settle on mistaken and uncalled-for repayment choices which have made the Authority at risk to pay whatever is chosen by such panels. As indicated by the Director, 15 street projects in Oromia, 19 in Amhara, 11 in Tigray, seven in Somali and southern locales each, and two streets in Afar local states, are stuck in various phases of culmination.

Habtamu showed that in every one of the 61 postponed projects, the workers for hire requested over 16,000 days’ expansion and USD 12 million in monetary cases notwithstanding different cases of near a billion birr. He encouraged the Parliament to put down an enforceable law and normalized remuneration plan to ease the issues looked at by the Authority.

The Federal Integrated Infrastructure Development Agency Deputy Director, Seada Keder, as far as it matters for her, deplored the suffering street development obstacles including the unreasonable pay asserts, the hesitance of evacuees to leave subsequent to getting paid, burglary of development materials, and absence of institutional coordination, to deflect the issues.

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