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Artist Tesfu Berhane on Seifu Show

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Seifu on EBS – Interview with the renowned Ethiopian craftsman Tesfu Berhane on Seifu show with have Seifu Fantahun. The following morning I got an opportunity to find a portion of the Harari public. My unique arrangement was to go through just the morning with them, however, it was difficult to stay with my arrangement. Individuals are totally not quite the same as different Ethiopians I have gotten an opportunity to meet somewhere else.

Their inspiring are cordiality gave me the feeling that I was distinctly there to fulfill them. They are approaching and show some evident level of trustworthiness, yet above all, they don’t appear to be made a big deal about the presence of an outsider amidst them.

The only thing that is important most to individuals of Harar appears to be the present; a large number of them don’t appear to have the smallest stress over what tomorrow is or ought to be. Nobody appeared to be tried to know where I came from and why. In contrast to different spots, the city is loaded with older individuals that know a lot of things about Harar, Ethiopia, and the remainder of their environs and will share what they know with any more bizarre.

A showcase of happiness and grin is the thing that regularly goes with the essence of everybody from the older to the youthful to the youngsters in the city of Harar. The majority of individuals are prepared to share their adoration, their home, their dinners, and nearly all that has a place with them with an outsider.

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