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The Christianity program of the Ethiopian entertainer Tigist Milkesa. In the wake of leaving his chairmanship, Eyesuswork, be that as it may, was mentioned by the Agency for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO) to stay until an authoritatively perceived administration change happens. In a letter dated February 29, 2020, he said he was venturing down deliberately both as an individual from the Board of Directors and as an executive of EDTF.

“Subsequent to considering every one of the options accessible to me, and completely spoke that it is to the greatest advantage of the stupendous targets unmistakably set out in the foundation reports of the two Friends of Ethiopia Diaspora Trust Fund (FEDTF) and Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDIF), l, therefore, affirm my renunciation from all obligations and duties as Director and Chairperson of the Board of EDTF with impact from the time and date I made the declaration: Friday, 28 February 2020 at about 04:40 PM.”

By the solicitations made by certain individuals from the ETDF board and the ACSO, Eyesuswork said that he had gotten back to serve the Fund. Yet, before he was reestablished, the EDTF Board was brought and supplanted Eyesuswork and the bad habit of Chairwoman Mihert.

On a gathering hung on March sixth, Yohannes Assefa was accounted for to be chosen “consistently” by the seven Board individuals with two missings. Eyesuswrok and Fikre Zewdie, chief overseer of the Board were absent. In any case, the political race measure along with the entire methodology of the gathering was questioned and ACSO has dismissed the appointment of Yohannes as the new executive.

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