Artist Tsehaye Yohannes was surprised by his family


The pentatonic scale with chevaline intervals is the most commonly used in Ethiopian music, however there are many more types of Ethiopian music as well. In Ethiopian Highlands music, qenet modal systems are the fundamental modes of tezeta, bati, ambassel, and anchihoy. Tezeta minor, Bati major, and Bati minor are the three further modes in addition to the previously stated modes. Tenet-based song titles, like “tizita,” can be created. It’s common practice to perform traditional instruments on Western instruments like pianos and guitars without adjusting the pitch first. Traditional Ethiopian folk music has a rich history. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of singers prefer to perform music from the past rather than more contemporary songs. An important Ethiopian musical institution was Arba Lijoch, a brass band created by 40 Armenian orphans who relocated to Ethiopia from Jerusalem during Haile Selassie’s reign. Arriving on the morning of September 6, 1924, this group became Ethiopia’s first official orchestra. In the latter months of World War II, enormous orchestras accompanied concerts, with some of the most well-known being the Imperial Police Band, Army Band, and Imperial Bodyguard Band.

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