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Artist Yegerem Dejene’s daughter birthday celebration

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Ethiopian Artist Yegerem Dejene’s daughter’s birthday celebration. The first thing is you are absolutely right about the situation and the level of vaccinations in Africa has reached a critical point. I think the one thing that I want to make very clear is that the AstraZeneca vaccine is a no-profit vaccine. We are not making any profit out of the vaccine. This is all contribution and probably the biggest contribution that we as AstraZeneca will bring in terms of serving mankind during the pandemic and it’s also the fundamental basic principle on which our partnership with Oxford is working.

It is a fact that Oxford University was looking for a partner that will not profit from the vaccine during the pandemic. Having said all of that, we saw in February-march, really good quantities of vaccines starting to flow through Kovacs into Africa. One of the biggest factors that caused the current reduction that we’ve seen in the vaccine was the fact that the Indian government, because of the devastating second wave that was happening in India, put a block on exports.

So the Serum Institute of India that has been one of the biggest vaccine manufacturers globally has not been able to export, and we know that situation will turn around at a later stage this year. The commitment is there both from the serum Institute and from India. We are working very closely with Kovacs at the moment to ensure that smooth transition.

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