Artist Yigerem Dejene’s second child birthday celebration

There are so many different ways to celebrate your child’s birthday, from jelly and ice cream and pass the parcel to party buses and cakes in the style of pirate ships. As we exchanged tales of our own children’s and family members’ party experiences, it became clear at My First Five Years that children’s parties are a hot issue when we start talking about them. We both had the same pangs of panic when our kids asked for a chocolate birthday cake in the shape of a Concorde or asked for thirty classmates to attend a Spiderman house party! One event in particular comes to mind: a team member described the dramatic extrication of her five-year-old sister from a party bus. We are aware that the market for children’s parties is expanding, which may put parents under a lot of pressure as consumers. From the traditional base (known to me as a youngster) of a birthday party hosted at home with perhaps a game of “Pass the parcel” and some jelly and ice cream, this industry has expanded! Parents nowadays frequently feel under pressure to invest time in finding the ideal party while navigating a bewildering number of products, claims, features, and costs. Some businesses use our youngest children as part of their marketing campaigns, focusing on them directly to tap into their “pestering power,” which is, as we all know, a superpower. With age, birthday parties can develop into highly anticipated occasions that are widely debated in the playground and where the specter of an invitation being withdrawn looms over a friendship. Parents included are not completely immune to social, emotional, and market forces, but at My First Five Years, we understand that the decisions you make regarding birthday celebrations present some inherent opportunities for learning with your child as well as developing and ingraining some shared family values. To assist you in navigating those early birthday festivities, we have donned our party thinking caps and compiled our top five suggestions from My First Five Years.

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