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Artist Zinabizu with his family 

Znah-Bzu Tsegaye, a well-known Ethiopian actress, has applied for asylum in the United States after fleeing the country two months ago, according to Voice of America.
On state television, the actor starred in the weekly soap opera Sew Le Sew. According to the opposition Zehabesha website, he departed due of “continuous persecution and because he is Amhara.” Security forces killed at least 100 people during protests in the Amhara area in August, according to Human Rights Watch, but the government denies this. The actor told Voice of America’s Amharic channel that Ethiopian security personnel had committed “atrocious crimes” and that he would not return home until the “government is replaced.” “It’s tragic to respond to people’s demands for their rights with gunfire.”

Representatives from the Welkait Amhara Identity Committee have requested that their property, which is currently controlled by the Tigray regional state, be moved into the neighboring Amhara region, which has sparked recent rallies in Amhara.

In Ethiopia, the Oromo people have been demonstrating against the government, claiming that they have been politically and economically marginalized.


Feyisa Lilesa, a second-place finisher in the Rio Olympics marathon, crossed the finish line with his arms raised in solidarity with Oromo demonstrators.


After the high-profile anti-government protest, he announced he wanted to seek refuge, and he is now in the United States.


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