Artist Zinahibizu daughter celebrates her birthday

Get your loved ones to form a car parade with you. Because people are so incredibly happy, birthday parades are appearing on Instagram, YouTube, and even news networks. Tell your city’s 10–20 friends and families what time of day to gather at the end of your street. To distribute to all of the cars, buy this set of 72 noisemakers for $7.99 (or maybe an air horn if your neighbors are cool with it!). Then, have them all drive by your house while honking their horns, singing to the birthday girl, waving signs, and holding balloons out the windows. Make a delivery for breakfast. Choose a special dish that the birthday recipient raves about constantly (such as her go-to donuts, breakfast tacos, or a brunch special from a nearby restaurant), and order it the day before to ensure that it arrives on the front porch bright and early. You can schedule a delivery using many third-party delivery apps, including DoorDash. Asking for pre-recorded video messages from your family. It was a special way to start the day that I did this for my husband’s birthday while he was in quarantine. I simply asked some family and friends to record 30-second videos wishing him a happy birthday. It was fun to be able to have everyone introduce themselves and tell him they loved him while we sipped our coffee and donuts on the couch, even though he couldn’t see them in person.

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