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Asfaw and Tensae becomes matress renewer

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An infotainment program on Sunday evening with EBS’s own Asfaw Meshesha, Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay and Tinsae Berhane. We needed this to be a ladies just occasion so the climate will just zero in on them and they can have a good time and organization with one another in a free loosened up environment,” as per Nahom Belainhe, Managing Director of Online Communications, the organization putting together the occasion.

The celebration has four exercises participants can participate in. A shopping zone to purchase their decision of craftsman painstaking work, gems, extras, calfskin products and dress while likewise supporting the ladies business people; a food court to enjoy over an assortment of flavorful food varieties, desserts and beverages; a spa zone to unwind and get spoiled by excellence experts; and finally an unrecorded music to appreciate featured by ladies performers; DJ and vocalists.

At first booked to happen every year on the principal Saturday nearest to March 8, the celebration must be deferred because of the postponement brought about by getting a license from the city organization. Venus Festival will occur on Saturday the seventeenth of March from 2 PM till 9 PM at The Mosaic Hotel with a passage expense.

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