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Asfaw and Tinsae spend their day as shepherds

BA A shepherd or sheepherder is someone who looks after, herds, feeds, or protects a flock of sheep. Shepherding is an important aspect of pastoralist animal husbandry and is one of the world’s oldest jobs. It may be found in agricultural communities all around the world.
Shepherding has altered drastically in recent years. Shepherds evolved from independent nomads to employees of huge estates as common lands in Europe were destroyed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Some African and Asian families are wealthy enough to afford sheep, therefore a young son is sent out to protect them while the rest of the family attends to other responsibilities.

Many sheep herds are flocking to public Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas in the United States. Wages are higher than they were previously. Keeping a shepherd on hand all of the time can be expensive. In addition, in some regions of the world, sheep predators have been eradicated, reducing the need for shepherds. In locations like the United Kingdom, robust sheep breeds have frequently been left alone for lengthy periods of time without a shepherd. Sheep with higher productivity can be left in fields and relocated to new grazing on a regular basis. On hilltops, tougher breeds of sheep can be left. At periods such as lambing or shearing, the sheep farmer will tend to the flock.

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