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Asfaw Meshesha told us about his late father

Being a dad takes a lifetime, but anyone can father a child. Every child’s father fills a unique role in their life that cannot be filled by anyone else. A child’s experience in this role can have a significant impact on them and help mold them into the people they become. Like mothers, fathers play a crucial role in a child’s emotional growth. Children look to their fathers to establish and uphold the rules. Additionally, they look to their fathers to give them an emotional and physical sense of security. Children want to please their fathers, and a supportive father encourages personal development and strength. According to studies, fathers’ affection and support have a significant impact on their children’s cognitive and social development. Additionally, it fosters a sense of general wellbeing and self-assurance. Fathers not only shape who we are on the inside, but also how we interact with others as we mature. The way a father raises his child will affect the qualities that child values in others. Depending on how the child interpreted the significance of his or her relationship with their father, friends, partners, and spouses will all be made. The patterns a father establishes in his interactions with his kids will determine how they interact with others. Fathers provide security and emotional support for young girls. A father demonstrates to his daughter what a good man-woman relationship looks like. If a father is kind and loving, his daughter will seek out men who share those traits when she is old enough to start dating. She will connect with men of similar character closely if her father is strong and brave.

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