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Athelet Tilahun has a message from Budapest

We’re a competitive bunch of athletes. We work hard to improve our physical condition and are continuously looking for new approaches to become great athletes. But there is one recurring thread in my interactions with friends and amateur athletes. That includes professionals and elites. There’s a common misperception that because professional athletes don’t have to work a day job, they have unlimited time to train and recover. And it is this that defines them. The truth is that many professionals, like’regular’ people, work full-time jobs. Aside from training, they have a lot to balance. All of the sponsor commitments, interviews, picture sessions, product launches, and other activities take a toll on one’s morale. However, most professional and exceptional athletes do have a’secret’ in some ways. That expertise and experience comes from years of training and racing. They structure their training process differently and focus on different things in order to avoid wasting time. That is what distinguishes them from amateurs and ‘hobby’ athletes. Not simply putting in more training hours. Aside from a successful training approach and methodology, there is a significant mental component. Discipline, healthy lifestyle habits, self-awareness, and personal development all contribute to an athlete that is strong, durable, fast, and, most importantly, injury-free. The foundation is something that professionals have mastered that amateurs sometimes ignore. Long and simple aerobic base building workouts, conditioning and overall strength development exercises, mobility and injury prevention

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