Ato Lemma Mekonnen on Seifu EBS

Everyone occasionally encounters roadblocks, including rush-hour traffic, a small collision, a broken appliance, a misplaced wallet, a sick child, and more. But as time goes on, you can experience more severe adversity that truly rocks your world. I was stopped in my tracks by the unanticipated hardship of a life-threatening disease. My entire universe was put on hold. You may have gone through a similar experience, such as losing a loved one, losing your job, ending a relationship, or experiencing a natural disaster that made you click the pause button and put your life on wait. As an endurance athlete, I am well aware that completing a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, or a 100-mile bike ride requires having strong mental fortitude. The ability to persevere through trying conditions shows mental fortitude. It involves carrying out necessary tasks despite difficulties. I firmly think that everyone possesses the quality of mental toughness, and that when the situation demands it, we are all ready, willing, and able to put it to use. No matter how many races I’ve completed, how well I’ve trained, or how beautiful the day of the race turns out, I know there will at least be one painful moment at some point throughout the race.

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