Aziza Ahmed’s daughter celebrate her 6th birthday

The exceptional loan of a daughter from God grabs our hearts and transforms us irrevocably. I come to You in great gladness, Jesus, my Lord and Savior. You have given me another lovely, loving year with my daughter, which is a blessing. It’s unimaginable that You would offer me such a gift, and I am eternally grateful that You picked me to be her mother or father. I pray that You will continue to lead her in all of her decisions and experiences. Let her keep her eyes fixed on Your word, and may she daily seek to emulate You. She needs to be cared for, loved, and guided along the correct path. I ask in Your beloved name. Amen. Thank You, O God of Loving Devotion, for my daughter’s magnificent, lovely, and blessed first year. We are grateful for everything she has learnt, for the way she has grown, and for creating the ideal child that she is. I hope that her first birthday is full with joy, love, and wonderful memories. Be with her as she grows throughout the course of the upcoming year, and may she adore hearing Bible tales and discovering more about You. I wish she would recognize the beauty in each day and consider each breath a gift. I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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