Babuji and Filfilu surprised their fan

The lifeblood of your career is your following. You can only have a music career if you have fans; otherwise, it’s just a hobby. Customers purchase your goods, listen to your music, share your work with their friends, attend your performances, and don your t-shirts. They are the ones who make it possible for you to pursue music as a profession and lead an artistic life. The most devoted fans will support you through good times and bad, buy all of your merch, and provide you with numerous benefits throughout your career. The end of the year is a good time to express gratitude to your supporters for all of their support throughout the year. They are entitled to a little more than just music and t-shirts. The best way to repay your fans, who are so awesome they paid money to see you perform, is to put on a phenomenal show that people will be raving about to their friends for days after. Make the experience memorable by doing something enjoyable and distinctive that positively represents your personality. Whatever hopes your fans may have had for them before the show should have been dashed by the end. Impress your followers and provide them with more than they anticipated paying for. The options are truly limitless, but here are a few straightforward suggestions you can use to give your audience a more memorable live performance: Give the audience the lyrics to one of your songs’ choruses, let them know when it will appear, and have them join you in singing it.

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