Baby shower of artist Friyat Yemaneh

Positive thought. a positive attitude. These are admirable qualities that can raise our standard of living. As significant as or even more significant than the opportunity or challenge itself is, in reality, how we react to it. These days, providing care is one difficult task that an increasing number of individuals must overcome. Developing a more positive outlook makes logical; after all, not many hands-on caregivers have the time or energy to attend to their own physical health and personal needs. A few minor adjustments here and there, however, can help provide the foundation for a more positive outlook, a more fulfilled life, stronger bonds with others and oneself, and even a less taxing experience when providing care. At some point in our lives, everyone has been dealt a “bad hand,” and we quickly realize that life is unfair. When someone possesses mental toughness, they accept accountability for their deeds, feelings, and results, get past it, and turn the page. Don’t let anyone talk down to or denigrate you. Those with strong mental faculties are capable of managing their own lives and get along well with others. But they refuse to let abuse or denigration of themselves or those around them occur. They understand that they are in charge of their feelings and how they let other people treat them. Life is not a sum total gain in which the loss of one person equals the gain of another.

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