Baby shower of artist Melat Nebiyu for her second child

Baby showers are a relatively new concept that gained popularity in the 1940s and 1950s due to the baby boom. While these events are joyful, there may be some ambiguity regarding the customs and expectations. People frequently ponder who should organise and prepare a baby shower as well as whom to invite. Following these tips will help you create the ideal pre-baby party and guarantee that everyone, including the expecting parent, has a fantastic time. Every baby shower will be different, so you should customise yours to the expecting parent’s preferences and requirements. Like many traditional customs, this one isn’t strictly followed these days, though. In reality, hosting or co-hosting a baby shower is typically regarded as totally normal for a sibling, in-laws, or even the guest of honor’s parents. However, a parent-to-be hosting their own shower is still uncommon. In order to avoid the baby arriving early and ruining the party arrangements, baby showers are normally conducted four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. By this time, the pregnancy is usually well along. However, other people would rather take a shower just after giving birth. In this manner, the infant can also attend.

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