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Bahailu Gebremedhin’s entertaining speech

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Engaging and educational discourse by Bahailu Gebremedhin. From Modern to Contemporary doesn’t have a special interest as the authoritative outline of craftsmen working around here or its diaspora; rather, it offers long-past due knowledge on key advancements in the locale and across its diaspora more than 50 years.

Coordinators trust the show will resound with the sizable East African populace in Stockholm to see themselves, their way of life, and their convictions addressed. ‘We are eager to hear criticism from individuals from this local area on the show,’ say Sile and Haileleul.

Co-coordinator and CFHILL’s prime supporter Michael Elmenbeck adds: ‘Eritreans are one of the biggest diaspora gatherings of Africa relative in Sweden, and in the event that we can feature social items that so many can associate within an unexpected way, the presentation has satisfied its motivation.’

The outcome is a cross-transient show that shuns authoritative ends to open up beginning stages for additional exploration, basic reflections, and interest in craftsmanship from the Horn of Africa. It is an intriguing suggestion that one expectation will contribute not exclusively to creating networks, yet to the creating accounts of East African workmanship, opening up a merited basic viewpoint on the locale.

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