“Balochish yikiberu” new poem by Elias Shitahun

One of the many distinctive and fascinating secrets that the Ethiopian people treasure is poetry. We are all aware of how little outsiders know about the myriad fascinating and diverse facets of Ethiopian culture. The majority of what is known comes from sparse and disjointed media reports on famine, poverty, social unrest, and other issues. However, this is simply a flimsy portrayal that comes well short of accurately capturing a fascinating people, their nation, and their history. The Ethiopian poems that follow offer a brief window into a part of Ethiopian life that has received little to no outside exposure. Amharic poetry might prove to be a little but admirable contribution to the general populace’s enlightenment. Although the word is also used to refer to any poetry, qene is a well-known genre of Amharic poetry. True Qene offers two completely distinct perspectives on the matter by employing metaphors and phrases with dual meanings in Amharic. The numerous poetry written in Ethiopia over the course of the nation’s lengthy and culturally rich history are incredibly difficult to accurately translate.

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