“Banichi guday libal fara” Taminike Tamu on Seifu EBS

Do you recall your first concert experience when you thought, “I want to do that”? Or perhaps the show gave you the motivation you needed to start a band, write more, practice, or take up an instrument for the first time. Consider some of the most memorable performances you have ever seen. A comedian served as crowd-pleaser. Run your jokes by your friends before telling them to the group. The band immediately captivated the audience and invited them to participate in the performance. It’s acceptable to alter your singing and playing to a style that works for the live performance rather than strictly adhering to the way it sounded on the recording given the numerous circumstances and variables at play. Although there are definite differences between this performance and the original recording, they are still coordinating with one another to maintain tempo. Circling the stage is the band. They don’t merely remain motionless (except for the drummer, of course). The transitions between songs are seamless and well-planned. There are times when the audience can participate. The band also communicates with one another. The band seemed excited to be there, so you wouldn’t know if they were having a horrible day. It takes practice and is obviously easier said than done. In athletics, there is a proverb that goes, “nerves imply you’re ready,” which means that if you are feeling apprehensive, you are prepared to perform. As an alternative, being very tense on stage will not convert into a strong performance, and the audience will sense this, making the performance uncomfortable. Your nerves can be conquered and turned into excitement that the audience will share with you, with the help of some encouraging self-talk and the knowledge that feeling nervous and enthusiastic are very similar emotions! Have faith in yourself; you can do it! Make sure you enjoy yourself so that your audience will as well!

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