“Be a mattress…” Tesfahun Kebede Tobiya

It’s no secret that our nation has issues that need to be resolved. We berate and criticise them, place the responsibility on the authorities and the system, and then declare that nothing can be done to change the situation. Yes, we must draw lessons from the Swachh Bharat initiative. We required it for a reason in the first place. We as a nation are in desperate need of cleanliness, as evidenced by the fact that even the new prime minister of the country addressed the matter on such a massive scale! Simple actions like putting trash in the trash can and refraining from spitting on the ground can have a significant impact. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’re aware that Beijing and Delhi are presently tied for the dirtiest air in the world, according to reports. In such circumstances, being environmentally friendly can significantly improve our nation’s quality of life and air. Plant a tree, make use of eco-friendly products in your everyday life, take the bus or carpool, and get the pollution control on your vehicles inspected. You can accomplish so much for this cause with so little effort.

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