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Be careful when shopping this things in Addis Ababa

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As indicated by Agitu, Kajela went from Arba Minch a day prior to he was killed; he stayed with his nine months old pregnant spouse and spend the forthcoming Easter occasion with family. The mother said nobody from the family announced the slaughtering to neighborhood security, however said she heard that security powers asked the Dembi Dollo University, where he instructed for a very long time prior to going to seek after his Ph.D. considers, about her child.

Tessema Wariyo, Kellem Wollega zone Peace and Security agency head, denies the mother’s record and said he speculated Qajella may have been executed by a death crew called “Abba Torbe” and is blamed for having joined with rebels working around there. Notwithstanding Qajella, four others were executed lately just, and two of them were individuals from security powers, Tessema said. Tessema said rebels are working in all Weredas of the zone and have slaughtered hundreds over the most recent four years. Tessema likewise guaranteed the renegades wear outfits utilized by security powers.

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