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Be the driver of your life, not the passenger

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An infotainment program on Sunday evening with EBS’s own Asfaw Meshesha, Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay and Tinsae Berhane. Instructions writers today, Youth Mobilization Director at the Ministry Matiyas Asefa said more than 1,000,000 youth are required to partake in the exhibit coordinated under the topic “Voices for Freedom.” The show is pointed toward illuminating everybody that Ethiopia won’t ever acknowledge any obstruction, he added.

It was demonstrated during the media preparation that Ethiopia is presently encountering crooked pressing factors from some unfamiliar forces that have never viewed as the target real factors in the country. Ethiopia has been appreciating acceptable respective connections and participation with western nations including the US, he said. Particularly the US has a long-standing great reciprocal relationship that goes back longer than a century, he added

Notwithstanding, the new approval forced by the US organization on Ethiopia has not thought about the long-standing great relationship of the two nations and the real factors on the ground, Matyas expressed. Rather than merging in Ethiopia’s inner undertakings, the US needs to leave the inward issues of Ethiopia to Ethiopians, the chief expounded. Referencing that harmony and security can’t be acknowledged through placing pressing factor and intruding in other nation’s issues, Matiyas approached the US to talk about the issue and not adhere to its vile choice.

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