Beautiful braided hair styles for everyday look

Most people find it challenging to experiment with new hairstyles with long, thick hair because it can be tough to manage. However, there are a number of intriguing braided hairstyles for long hair that can transform you into a Disney princess. If you know how to braid your long hair, whether it’s in a three-strand, Dutch, French, or fishtail style, it can work miracles. Your hair may look its finest with the help of a thorough styling guide, a little imagination, and tenacity. Furthermore, properly braided hair will assist you in managing your hair by preventing flyaways, an untidy head, and knotted locks. This stylish, quick, and easy ponytail with a braid is ideal for a day of classes. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Apply some smoothening serum to your freshly washed and dried hair. Make a deep side part in your hair. Pick up a sizable section of hair from the front from the side of the parting with more hair, leaving your bangs out. With this part, create a straightforward 3-strand braid and fasten it with an elastic at the end. At the back of your head, gather all of your hair—including the braid—into a mid-level ponytail, and fasten it with an elastic. Your braid will unravel after the hair elastic at the end has been removed. To hide the hair elastic, grab a little length of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. To complete the look, tuck this sparse portion of hair underneath your ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin.

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