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Beautiful Photos of Actress Roman Befikadu

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Roman Befikadu is a well known Ethiopian entertainer, chief, and film scriptwriter. She was the best entertainer in the bunch taxi film.

Appointee Mayor, Adanech Abebe, authoritatively introduced the fifth Hope Light Feeding Center in Kirkos Sub-City.

Representative Mayor Adanech Abebe, who authoritatively opened the middle for lunch, said occupants won’t eat once per day. “We will leave a mark on the world when our Ethiopian solidarity is reinforced by aiding and really focusing on one another,” he said.

“This solidarity and collaboration should be fortified later on,” she said.

As indicated by the appointee city hall leader, the food habitats opened today and in the past won’t just take care of the frail, moms, and the old, yet in addition make occupations for the individuals who can work.

The Tesfa Birhan Feeding Center, which authoritatively opened in Kirkos Sub-City today, was worked by the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation with the help of 5 million birrs from the Ethiopian Abduction Insurance SC and Roha Medical Campus Health Foundation.

The Addis Ababa government has dispatched a fifth Hope Light Feeding Center as a team with financial backers.

The Addis Ababa Police Commission said it will hold the individuals who distribute results outside the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia responsible.

Addis Ababa Police Commissioner Getu Argaw; He said the political decision finished calmly in the capital and the voting form papers were moved to the surveying stations with no security issues.

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