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Only by erasing some of those beliefs that no longer serve you will you be able to see a little more clearly and return home, to happiness. Ideals that were cultivated as a result of a childhood event, such as “we will never be good enough.” Or perhaps you were publicly embarrassed by the coach after losing a basketball game, which has made you believe you will never be excellent at the sport. Because these beliefs and experiences are false, they prevent you from being happy. They are merely stories that you believe to be true. Take basketball as an example; even though you were bad at it previously, that doesn’t mean you will always be bad. If you genuinely tried and made the decision to be great at something rather than just declaring that you will always be lousy at it, you might be great with enough practice. The first step is making the decision to commit to choosing happiness since it is generated and chosen, just like everything else. It isn’t the simplest route; you’ll have to let things go, not let them affect you, and battle the want to be downcast or the victim. Like all successful marriages, finding happiness requires constant effort on your part to maintain the worth of your partner. Since the world isn’t always as kind as you are, it is important to cherish your happiness while it lasts. You have a very fortunate existence. We all sit and determine that we are victims, suffering, and failures, but take a look around you: You have access to running water, medical treatment on demand, sufficient resources to survive, and loving people nearby.

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