Beautiful pictures of Mekdes Debesay

It goes without saying that those who are aesthetically pleasing tend to make better romantic partners. Regardless of your personal preferences, you’re probably more likely to have a crush on your attractive neighbor than on someone else. However, there can be benefits of being considered attractive that go beyond the dating world. Here are a few advantages of beauty that science has supported. According to some scientists, physical symmetry is a sign of developmental stability, or an organism’s capacity to transform its genetic blueprint into a robust body despite the effect of potentially detrimental factors such as poisons, genetic mutations, injuries, parasites, and inbreeding. Body symmetry has also been favorably associated with developmental stability. Researchers gave a set of study participants an intellectual test, and discovered that those with greater physical symmetry obtained higher marks. Being attractive has advantages in the workplace as well. One experiment investigating the impact of appearance on screening decisions discovered that beautiful candidates, both male and female, were more likely to advance to the next stage of a mock hiring process than unattractive candidates with the same credentials and résumé. But according to a 1970s study, attractive women only enjoyed an edge when applying for nonmanagerial positions. Participants who applied for “traditionally masculine” roles as attractive women were less likely to be hired than applicants who were men or unattractive women.

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