Beautiful young girls braiding hair style

Sections of your hair that have been intricately braided together to create a magnificent work of art that is placed on your head! One of the most elegant hairstyles to ever grace the planet is a braid. Braids range from simple two-strand weaves to extremely complex five-strand designs. Additionally, you can use the braid you sport to express your inventiveness and personality. You can choose between a boho-fishtail braid, which is more artsy and unkempt, and a straightforward but gorgeous French braid. Start a French braid by taking three tiny, equal lengths of hair from directly over your ear. It must be braided up and along the hairline. Continue to add hair to the side that is closest to the hairline as you progress along the hairline. Keep the centre and other side sections hair-free. This will give the front a pulled-through appearance. Up until you get to the ear on the other side, keep braiding. Finish the braid by tying it off like you normally would. Under your hair, neatly pin up the usual braid. Make your hair slightly wavy using a curling iron to create volume. For around three seconds, leave your hair in the curler. The crown’s hair should be backcombed. This will give the lace braid a pouf appearance just behind it. Use an elastic band to secure your hair in a high ponytail. Make a large centre part and two side sections out of the ponytail. Twist the two side portions behind the broad centre section, then bring them front and fasten them together with an elastic band.

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